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From Aged To New

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

This project was a rewarding project not only for the homeowner but for us as well! The house was in need of some tlc. Before we started working on the project it was in rough shape. The paint was peeling, the soffits and fascia boards were rotted in places, as well as the siding, some of the windows brick moulding and a side entry door.

We started the project, like we do with the majority of our exterior projects, by soft washing all of the mildew and grime off of the house. Just washing it alone helped in bringing some life back to it. After we washed it we pulled the downspouts off so we could prep and paint behind them. We then began repairing the wood rot. The siding that is on it is the LP siding that everyone had issues with years ago so there were quite a few boards that were rotted. We replaced them with new LP siding to match the texture. We then replaced a few fascia boards and soffits as well as every piece of brick moulding around the windows with pvc composite moulding. We also installed a new side entry door.

After the rot repair was complete we began the prep work. This started by scraping, sanding and priming loose paint on siding, fascia boards, corner boards, door frames and the worst of the failing paint, the front porch. For primer we used Zinsser Cover Stain oil based primer to lock in our trouble areas. In the time lapse videos you can see what the process looks like when scraping and priming. After everything was primed, we caulked all of the cracked open joints with Top Gun Flex elastomeric caulking and puttied nail holes with Crawfords painters putty. The windows were masked off to prevent overspray from getting on them.

After all of the prep work was complete we started the painting process. We started by painting the siding. A nice uniform coat was applied to the siding with a Graco paint sprayer. After the siding was complete we sprayed the gutters, fascia boards and soffits. We brushed the trim that meets the siding as well as the windows, cornerboards and door casings. The downspouts were set on saw horses and sprayed for a factory finish look. The garage doors were sprayed and brushed and the shutters were sprayed. The entry doors were then brushed. After the main part of the house was painted we brushed and rolled the porch railings, picketts, band, kickboards and posts and then solid stained the decking. On this project we PPG Acrishield Max satin on the siding, gargae doors and shutters. We used Acrishield Max semi gloss on the trim, gutters, downspouts front porch and also the front door. Flood solid stain was used on the decking. At the end of it all the homeowner was extremely satisfied and so were we!

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